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On The Issues

Local Business

Strong local business is the foundation to a healthy city. From manufacturing and retail to human services and enterprise; business drives innovation and brings a higher standard of living for all. Becoming an attractive home for those looking to create or relocate their business is key to our future growth. As a member of the Economic Development Authority I'm entrusted with the responsibility of helping create a pro business environment. With your continued support we can spur innovation in the COR/Business Parks, while protecting the rural charm of Ramsey proper. 



City Council has a responsibility to use tax payer money wisely. Far too often the answer to an increase in projects is an increase in taxes. The City Council must balance new amenities with fiscal responsibility. We can continue to grow and improve our city through creative ideas, partnerships with local business and by cutting wasteful spending.

Transportation / Infrastructure

The roads in the City of Ramsey are in need of great repair. The city spends three times less on our roads than many neighboring cities. Local government must prioritize safe roads before spending tax payer money on frivolous projects.

Parks and Recreation​

Residents of Ramsey have the great privilege of enjoying over 20 parks and sports fields across the city. We must continue to support these programs while growing voluntary participation in athletics. A shift in focus to premier sports programs can help elevate the city by generating revenue and bringing in outside capital during events.



The people of Ramsey believe in rugged individualism and embrace the rural nature of our great city.  The expanding COR brings new opportunities to innovate and provides citizens with a modern respite within our own community. A proper balance between business growth and country charm must be protected.

I'm running for City Council to provide that balance. I will protect what we hold dear and expand the businesses that make our city great. Every citizen deserves a voice and I'm running to guarantee it. We may not always agree, but members of our community can trust that I will take all input equally.


Trust the People